December 28, 2011

Winter you may leave now

 I love the Heidi Merrick Spring 2012 collection, I really like the striped dresses and the bright yellow dresses. Now, if only the cold weather would end that would be lovely. I guess there is always Palm Springs or Fiji.

December 27, 2011

My dream coat

I'm going to Vegas in January and it's going to be cold... well too cold to lounge by the pool so I need a short cute coat to keep me warm. I think I've just found one I really like the black one it's from Qiu Hao's   F/W 2011 Serpens collection. It will be perfect to wear with my skinny jeans and boots. I love the white coat too but I think I would need to wear it somewhere much colder. I guess there's always fashion week in February...

December 26, 2011

Sun on my face

The Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012 collection is exactly what I want to wear this Spring. There is stuff for the beach, the pool, great little dresses that would look great with my new Zara knee boots.

December 22, 2011

Holly Luckwell Spring Summer 2012

I just discovered designer Holly Luckwell and I really love her work. Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection is "inspired by Jean Luc Godard's film 'Pierrot le Fou' which has been further explored through the concept of intimacy & personal relationships."

December 21, 2011

Top to bottom

I love shoes and I feel  you can't never have too many pairs. I really like these by designer Stella Arsenis, the detailing on the heels is just sublime.

December 20, 2011

1 more

No matter how many handbags I have I always want another one. I am particularly found of these by 1  Per Diem.

December 15, 2011

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse

In her latest project Biomimicry designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuys " strived to create a luxurious sustainable garment using nature’s natural patterns and shapes, also known as bio-mimicking, such as reptile skins. By combining modern techniques such as laser cutting with hand-sewn details I have created a garment with a luxurious appeal without depleting any natural resources; using discarded pieces of plywood and cutting the shapes out as efficiently as possible, and applying them on the fabric. This process is both sustainable as it is durable. It is this quality to both retain nature by mimicking its attributes, and making use of the product’s tendencies to last, by means of its lifespan and its aesthetic perception, that makes it sustainable. The process of biomimicry and its tendency to endure, creates a perfect natural balance; creating a biological ecosystem of a simulacra of nature, without discarding nature’s inherent harmonies."
Source http://www.behance.net

December 13, 2011

Melting snow hot!

I just discovered Made by Niki lingerie and I love, love it! It's hot, sexy, edgy and not trashy at all. Also, this has to be the sexiest sports bra I have ever seen! Salad is starting to sound tastier than usual to me for some reason and I am suddenly very motivated to hit the gym...

December 10, 2011

The sun is calling

This collection by designer Raakesh Agarvwal has me wishing for hot summer days, the bright colors are just screaming "it's time for laying out in the sun at the beach, lounging with the girls by the pool at a trendy hotel".

December 8, 2011

Weekday casuals

Greta Pollman makes great clothes for when you want style but still want to be comfortable. I love the pink belt but I don't think I would dare wear it out in public.

December 7, 2011

December 6, 2011

Creepy in a pretty way

Malgorzata Dudek's S/S 2012 collection, I really like these pieces except for the dress with the doll heads although I might use it to get out of  out jury duty...
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