December 15, 2011

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse

In her latest project Biomimicry designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuys " strived to create a luxurious sustainable garment using nature’s natural patterns and shapes, also known as bio-mimicking, such as reptile skins. By combining modern techniques such as laser cutting with hand-sewn details I have created a garment with a luxurious appeal without depleting any natural resources; using discarded pieces of plywood and cutting the shapes out as efficiently as possible, and applying them on the fabric. This process is both sustainable as it is durable. It is this quality to both retain nature by mimicking its attributes, and making use of the product’s tendencies to last, by means of its lifespan and its aesthetic perception, that makes it sustainable. The process of biomimicry and its tendency to endure, creates a perfect natural balance; creating a biological ecosystem of a simulacra of nature, without discarding nature’s inherent harmonies."
Source http://www.behance.net

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