September 20, 2017

Salty Locals

travel towels made from recycled plastic bottles

As one who loves to travel to beautiful places known for their beaches and good surf. I am totally smitten with Salty Locals. Their leisure towels are made from recycled plastic bottles which is super cool and important to me as a nature and ocean lover. 

The styles are killer and really fill the gap that is currently missing in the beach lifestyle accessories category. I love how tiny they pack and that they dry fast. They are a must have for the beach, surfing, camping or your next wanderlust  adventure.

Now, the only question is which one should I get... I probably will end up buying all three.

August 20, 2017

Ganor Dominic

Designer Ganor Dominic makes the most innovative and badass shoes on the planet. They blend beautiful sculpture with the type of high heels I love to wear to be tall enough to make eye contact with the fiancé. Wearable art for your feet! I can't think of any other shoes at the moment capable of making such an impact. Now that's fashion!
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