February 20, 2015

Jiri Kalfar 2015

Hope everyone is doing well nothing like having a brush with death to understand just how important life truly is in the end. Minus an ugly swollen bloodshot eye, a bad deep cut on my hairline and various scratches and all over. I am ok....
I am not sure what the message in all this was supposed to be, but I will be staying in and relaxing a little more until everything is all healed up.

There is something very muted about the style of designer Jiri Kalfar. It's simple gowns that make a statement but do not really attract too much attention to you. It would be perfect to wear to my friend's wedding which is now less than two month away... Except for the black dress that would just not be ok to wear on your friend's big day but the bachelorette party, well it's a different ball game.

February 13, 2015

Téo + Ng 2015

Hello dear readers, I am finally settled in my new place for a few months on one of the many islands in the Philippines. It's a sucky day out today, its uber rainy and windy so no surfing for me. Would be a perfect Netflix day but sadly it does not work over here.  So, I was  very pleased to discover designer Téo + Ng. I love leather and they make these really stylish pieces I would love to own.
I don't think I get invited to the right parties to wear the harnesses but I still think they look very cool.

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