September 12, 2012

I heart sandals

Metal Cuff Sandals Ancient Greek Sandals Black Satin Sandals Studded Leather Sandals Wings Leather Sandals

I have many pairs of shoes, the majority of them are sandals. I have everything from the basic ones to wear to the beach to high heel glam beauties I like to wear on dates with my boyfriend. How to store your huge shoe collection can be challenging mostly when you are tight on space.

I really like these bookcases by Ikea, they are very affordable and come in many colors. I have the Expedit in my bedroom and it looks very nice. I recommend grabbing a few bottle of your favorite wine or some good Belgian beers inviting your fabulous friends over and have them help you put that bookcase together. Also, knocking on the door of the cutie next door to help you bring that big heavy huge box into your place is completely okay. Don't be surprised if he ends up putting it together for you.

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