October 17, 2009

Li Cari Spring 2010

The new decade,strong women who love to wear bold colors! The Li Cari Spring 2010 collection is the most colorful collection for designer Jazmin Whitley. The collection was full of fun very wearable pieces, including shorts, pants, separates, dresses,skirts and one hot black bikini. The hair was funky and combed forward, the makeup was bright and flirty. I had such a blast during the show and the after party. Designer Jazmin Whitley was wearing a sexy short fitted long sleeve dress with colorful circles around the neckline and sleeves. She looks so cute, her bubbly and friendly personality really shows in her clothes. People want to be around her and women just love to wear her clothes. I can't wait to get my hands on the short pleated black skirt, this one is sure to turn heads.

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