April 16, 2009

One day without shoes

I heart these cool shoes by TOMS, for those of you that haven't read my last post about them, TOMS gives away one pair of shoe to a child without shoes for each pair they sell.Today TOMS is celebrating their one day without shoes to raise awareness about the impact something as small as a pair of shoes can have on someone's life. Walking without shoes puts millions in developing countries at risk for infections and the great thing is you can help. When you buys a pair of TOMS not only are helping yourself look hot you are protecting a child in a developing country from cuts, infections and soil-transmitted diseases.Psst. make sure to use this promo code odwspstQLQ6DH37.

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  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and stopped by. Love it!
    Come to vivis mine


Thanks for the comment darling.

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