March 5, 2009

Project Runway

Designer 3

Designer 2

Designer 1

I love Project Runway, I was on the fence about showing the final collections for the last 3 designers. But the future of the L.A. season looks grim and may never air for viewers to see. All the designers who were part of the 6th season worked really hard making garments under time constraints while still having to be creative and blow away the judges. Making it to the PR finale is a great accomplishment. As a fashion student I have a new found appreciation for the hours of work that go into making garments.
Corporate greed has cost the very talented designers of Project Runway season 6 the great joy to walk down the runway at Bryant Park and present their collections. I am quite angry at that fact the joy of showing in the tents was taken from these talented fashion designers. Considering the current economy I would not be surprised if this is the last time any designers will be able to showcase their collections at this venue. In happier news I was blown away by the level of talent of the final three for the season which may never air... Besides who the f watches Lifetime anyway? I hope PR stays on Bravo where it belongs. I guess we will have to watch what happens.


  1. wow, that last dress is gorgeous!

  2. Designer 3 - The first black leather collection is amazing !!! That is really talent, all the pieces go together, and very creative. The other two are boring, too much mess and ugly...


Thanks for the comment darling.

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