February 23, 2009

Kate Towers

I love designer Kate Towers; I was very excited when she took time out of her busy schedule to grant me an interview.

What inspires you: moods, moments, colors, weather, fairy tales, desires, objects in every day life, textures. how can i merge these feeling in to my designs?

Where did you study fashion design: i didn't. i've mostly just been experimenting on my own for about 10 years. this gives me a sense of freedom when i design - i'm not always concentrating on what i "should" be doing rather than what "feels" right. i really tend to let things evolve as i go. sometimes things turn out beautifully, and sometimes it's a disaster!

What is your favorite thing to design: DRESSES!

Who is your favorite designer: i can really appreciate many different designers and styles. a few favorites: victor and rolf, helena horstedt, rodarte, lanvin... too many severely talented people out there to name them all. even locally where i live - i am surrounded by a hugely creative force.

Most memorable advice you've been given: don't sweat the small stuff.... yeah right! but if you're having a really bad day or frustrating time in the studio ( at work, wherever) it does sometimes help to stop for a moment and look at the big picture. often i am stressing over lots of little things that really aren't all that crucial. also the whole tortoise and the hare scenario - it really does pay to be slow and steady sometimes.

Worst advice ever given: can't think of anything. i don't always take the advice of others!

Advice you'd give starting or aspiring fashion designer: you have to have your own thing, style, signature. it's great to be inspired by others but it's also important to make it special, different. you also better be able to work hard! blood, sweat, and tears people!

Favorite color: gray and white

If you could eat only one thing: raw almonds

Vinyl or ipod: a mix of noise makers and types of music

You can't live without: my husband, my daughter, time and space to create, sugar :)

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