October 15, 2008

BriAnne Wills

BriAnne Wills is a highly talented photographer from Portland. Her work can be seen in Flux and Fashion and Music to name a few. To see more of her beautiful work click here. I was lucky enough to get an interview with her and find out more about this amazing photographer. what first sparked your interest in photography: My father, an amateur photographer, and his 35mm.
what was your first camera: Dad's old 35mm.
favorite artist/band: Rolling Stones
most memorable advice you've been given: Follow your bliss. Do what you love to do, make money at it and you will never work a day in your life.

worst advice ever given: Get a job that makes money.
advice you'd give starting or aspiring photographers: Make sure this is what you are truly passionate about because passion is what makes you make you stand out from all the other "photographers".
favorite color: brown
if you could eat only one thing: ...and not get fat- pad thai!
on repeat from your headphones: Currently TV on the radio.

u can't live without: light.
what inspires you: weather.
favorite thing to photograph: Unique people.
Vinyl or ipod: I don't own an ipod. I do own lots of vinyl.


  1. I really enjoyed the 3rd set of images from the bottom, the girl under the blue sky.

    Great pieces and great interview.



Thanks for the comment darling.

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