April 22, 2008

Eco Lux

Creating luxury fashion by combining together stylish design, social awareness and ecological sustainability is precisely what the Norwegian brand FIN has managed to do; using organic materials, fair trade principles and 100% carbon neutrality ensure ecological and social friendliness.
The FIN pieces are 100% carbon neutral, only use high quality organic cotton and fair trade principles are followed throughout. The company recently introduced two interesting new fabrics: wild silk and organic baby alpaca. Wild silk is a handspun silk fabric with a beautiful and rich texture. Nonviolent harvesting lets the silkworm turn into a silk moth without killing the worm as is often the case in normal silk production. Organic baby alpaca, one of the most precious and rarest luxury fibers around, is incredibly soft and silky to the touch.Per Åge Sivertsen, FIN’s chief designer, clearly designed the collection with movement in mind and the result is a confident yet careless look. To see the entire collection click here .

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